The Southeast Regional Service Commission (SERSC) has completed a Regional Recreation Plan following a 2-phase study.  First, a recreation asset inventory was compiled, mapping Southeast New Brunswick’s recreation assets–places used by the public for leisure such as trails, arenas, sports fields, pools, parks and beaches, playgrounds, golf courses, tennis courts, curling clubs, skateboard parks, ski hills, and bowling alleys.   In the second phase, the inventory was used to develop a plan that looks at recreation planning from a regional perspective, highlighting both built and nature-based recreation opportunities.  The Regional Recreation Plan includes an enabling action plan with short, medium and long-term priorities for recreation development in the southeast.

The Southeast Regional Service Commission’s vision is that everyone in southeast New Brunswick is engaged in meaningful, accessible recreation experiences that foster individual and community well-being, and the well-being of our natural and built environments (adopted from Pathways to Wellbeing: Framework for Recreation in Canada).

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